About us

A South African inspired store

The Sagole Baobab (also Sagole Big Tree, Muri kunguluwa (i.e. tree that roars), or Muvhuyu wa Makhadzi) is the largest baobab tree in South Africa. It is located  in Vendaland, Limpopo Province and has a trunk diameter 10.47 meters, circumference 32.89 meters.  The Boabab tree has mesmerized me from the time I formed my first steps.  It is truly a remarkable, intimidating tree.  

I was raised in the Bushveld region of South Africa and have a strong longing for Africa that will never fade.  

We immigrated to Canada in 2017 and have been extremely fortunate to experience and fall in love with another country all together!   It only made sense that we share our favorites with our new home and to help fill a void for all the folks who sometimes long for home.

We strive on supporting small businesses in Canada and South Africa and empowering people in need, to fill our store with quality items that was made with absolute love and effort.